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Two-dimensional array parameter

Question asked by Ivan Sarciat Saiz on Jun 18, 2018

Hi everybody,


I am trying to create a parameter that contains a two-dimensional array. For this purpose I used the ARRAYCONCATENATE() formula where each element of the array is a MULTIVALUEQUERY() formula that returns an array.

The problem is that the main ARRAYCONCATENATE() formula joins all the values from the sub-arrays into a single array (which is the expected behaviour of the formula, I guess).

Is there any way to obtain a two-dimensional array from a Parameter?

Just to help understanding the problem, here you are a short explanation of  the problem:


Data from MULTIVALUQUERY(A)  OR MVQ(A)= {A1,A2...An}

Data from MVQ(B)= {B1,B2...Bn}


Data from MVQ(z)= {z1,z2..zn}


What I want to get:


A main array of z subarrays containing n elements each subarray.


What I get from ARRAYCONCATENATE(MVQ(A);MVQ(B);...;MVQ(z)):


A single array of z*n elements.


As additional info, every MVQ() represents all different columns from the same query, and what I want to do is get the whole query into the parameter as a two-dimensional array. I point this out just in case there is an alternative way to achieve my aim.