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Host WWN logged in and logged out details for SAN storage(VSP, VG1K, VG15K)

Discussion created by Gogul Natarajan Employee on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by Zeljko Dzakic

Hi All,


I need to collect all Logged out and logged in Host(WWN) details from storage (VSP,VG1K,VG15K) and I have tried in multiple way as listed below, but no luck. Someone please given the details.


1) From Storage Navigator we areable to see the details ,but we don't have options to export the data from SN.


2) From RIADCOM we are able to collect only logged in HOST(wwn)details only, but we can't able to get the logged out Host (WWN) details.

Command :

raidcom.exe get port -port CL1-A

Sample output:

PORT           LOGIN_WWN      Serial#   -            

CL1-A   10000090facd839c        90000   -


3) From REST API also tried to collect the logged out HOST(WWN),but we are getting only logged in HOST details.



curl -k -v -H "Accept:application/json" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -H "Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" -X GET https://IPaddress:23451/ConfigurationManager/v1/objects/storages/800000010004/ports/CL1-A

Sample output:


  "portId" : "CL1-A",

  "portType" : "FIBRE",

  "portAttributes" : [ "TAR" ],

  "portSpeed" : "16G",

  "loopId" : "EF",

  "fabricMode" : true,

  "portConnection" : "PtoP",

  "lunSecuritySetting" : true,

  "wwn" : "50060e800729f800",

  "logins" : [ {

    "loginWwn" : "10000090facd839c",

    "wwnNickName" : "-"