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Originally posted by: dananjaya

Hi All,

I'd like to ask whether there's any protocol or whatsoever which can notify me (or my application) when there's an error on the SAN network, i.e. error message that is produced by the storage (specifically HDS 9970)

I had this case:
   - the SAN network of a server and an HDS 9970 has been running perfectly for quite some time, and suddenly end user lost access to his usual drives and folders.
   - we've tried to figure out why by checking the configurations on ALL nodes, and it seems that there's no problem at all.
   - in turned out that, somebody accidentally deleted the hostgroup and thus ALL of the data is lost.

=== It would be nice if there's an error message that indicates that user is actually existing unexisting storage address, since it would save some significant time figuring it out.

=== It would be REALLY nice if there's a built-in log that indicates the change on configurations

Is it available in HDS 9970 or other HDS products?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,