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Data migration from 9980V to USP600

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 11, 2006
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Originally posted by: planet44

Hi All,

My first ever posting on a forum!

I'm on a project to migrate 52 x OpenE*10 luns from an HDS9980V to a USP600. The luns on the USP will eventually need to be OpenV format.

Current thoughts are to have a two phase approach.
Firstly, connect arrays directly as they are on separate fabrics, Truecopy to OpenE*10's created on USP, wait until all PAIR status, shutdown servers, split truecopy back to SMPLX, re-patch servers to USP fabric and point them at OpenE vols on USP and restart servers.
Second phase, create OpenV target vols on USP (using blocksize option) , and use Volume Migrator to migrate from new OpenE*10s to OpenV's. Does this all sound feasible? I have no experience of Volume Migrator.

Any advice/experiences will be gratefully received.