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Expand a DP Pool with FMD and Accelerated Compression enabled

Question asked by Val Appleyard on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by Greg Loose

At the time of the implementation on a VSP Gx00, 4 Parity Groups (RAID5 6D-1P of 6.4TB with FMD Disk) had been created with the option "Accelerated Compression" active.

This made each PG to be:

* Physical Size: 38.4TB

* Logical Size: 307.2TB using the ratio (8: 1)


110 LDEVs of 2.79TB were created for each PG. A DP Pool was created using the 440 LDEVs with a total logical capacity of 1228.8 TB


Currently the percentage of saving that the pool with the FMD is ~ 40%.


Adding 7 FMD Disks of 6.4TB is made, a new PG is created (RAID5 6D-1P).


The question is: To extend the actual DP pool with this new PG, is it necessary to create another 110 LDEVs, as was done at the implementation? Or is it necessary to perform a readjustment in the pool and/or in the actuals LDEVs or to be created for the expansion to reflex real ratio of 2:1?