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Migrating EMC to USP

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 14, 2006
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Originally posted by: Hampus Lind

Hi all,

I am a newbie to HDS storage and are looking for instructions, detailed manuals or other information to help me understand what will happen in our HP-UX datacenter when migrating the data from a EMC array to a NSC or USP array.

HP-UX liks to build there disk device names from the hole storage chain, ie array port, array port in SAN, host port in SAN and so on.. I am now trying to understand if we will get new device names if we migrat to a HDS array. According to HDS you can do the migration online and then just re-zone your SAN, but i havent got a god answer what happens with my hp-ux device names in this case.

Also i wonder if a attach a EMC array as external storage can i migrate a application at the time? Or do i need to migrate the hole EMC box at once?

Thanks and regards,