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HBA logged in logged out status check using HiCommandCLI

Question asked by Pankaj Kumar on Aug 3, 2018

Hi Hitachi Guru,


I am trying to get "Logged Out" HBAs WWNs details on a FA using HiCommandCli. While I use below commands it gives all WWNs (logged In & Logged out both).

"GetStorageArray subtarget=Port model=$model serialnum=$serialnum port=$port portsubinfo=WWN/LoggedInWWN"


"GetStorageArray subtarget=HostStorageDomain model=$model serialnum=$serialnum  hsdsubinfo=WWN"


"GetStorageArray subtarget=Path pathsubinfo=WWN,HostInfo"


Am I missing something here or is there any other command that I should use? Please help.