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WMS100 - slow; Recommended configuration ?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 23, 2006
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Originally posted by: przemolb

Hello all,

I have done some performance tests of WMS100 comparing RAID6 (5D + 2D) vs RAID5 (6D + 1D). The array has 15 disks + 2GB cache. It seems (as expected) that RAID6 is slightly slower then RAID5. To have a wider picture we compared it against Sparc server v880 with 8 FC internal disks (besides 2 for root) configured as RAID1+0. To my surprise the v880 was much faster then WMS ! I was really astonished ! The test was done using internal tool used intensively by one, known company. I generated 8k io with 70% of reads and 30% writes. Can you suggest some performance tweaks which will help me boost WMS performance ?