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Add disks to a RAID group

Question asked by Nelson Neves on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Bjarne Hansen

Hi to everybody,


We have a HUS 110 with a RAID5 (4D+1P) SSD with a single volume of 1.4TB capacity.

We want increase the volume capacity, adding 5 more SSDs to this RG.


Is the correct way to expand to expand the RAID Group is in "StorageName>Groups>Volumes->RAID Groups->Select RG->Expand RG" of the Storage Navigator?


After this i need to increase the corresponding volume capacity in "StorageName>Groups>Volumes>Select RG->Change VOL Capacity" of the Storage Navigator?


Is there any more thing to do after or before these steps?


Finally, does this operation erases any data on the volume?


Thank you for your help!


Nelson Neves