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Linux Boot from San with HDLM failover

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 25, 2006

Originally posted by: Carl Fry

Good day folks.

I am trying to get a linux server that boots from san to work with HDLM 5.8 for failover on the OS drives connected to a USP 1100.
We are running RedHat AS 4.0 Update 2, with Qlogic 2342 HBA's .
Booting from SAN works fine, but without failover protection for the boot devices.
We have standardized our Linux installations on AS 4.0 U2 and HDLM 5.8. For system that boot from local drives and use SAN devices for application data, the setup is very straight forward and performs well.

Where we run into difficulty is with the SAN hosted OS devices. I can't seem to get all of the hdlm componets running before the system drive is fsck'ed and the boot fails when it can find the hdlm device for the boot driveto do the file system check.

Has anyone managed to get a boot from SAN linux installation to work with HDLM?


Carl Fry