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A new formula for calculator Step

Question asked by David Marlow on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2018 by Dan Keeley

I was making a parser for a html file with spoon. I ended up with rows that were consecutive, in this case 5  to get one "Record" the only way I figured out to combine these rows ( no common keys ) was to do a sequence 4-0 in one field [Index] and use the row number in another field [Row-Number] and to put a divisor in a 3rd field [Divisor]. Given the formula ([Row-Number]+[Index])/[Divisor] into field [Record] as integer to get a common key.


So to make a long story longer I was trying to use the Calculator step but in all those formulas there is not an  (a+b)/c formula ( or some other variation ) . I ended up just using the formula step but it occurred to me that that would be one for the calculator step.


FEEDBACK: Consider adding the formula (A+B)/C to the Calculator in Spoon


Where do you actually do feedback anymore ? Didn't there used to be "Feedback" button somewhere?