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Data Source and username configuration

Question asked by Emerson Yassunaga on Aug 28, 2018



I´m accessing a Pentaho User Console configured on a Linux machine.

It uses an Oracle 11g Data Source in another machine called
"DB1" and a connection called "user1".


I needed to import a big dump file from our customer, so I shouldn´t
have it mixed with the contents of the original connection "user1".

So I created a new connection "user2" to import this data.

I could then correct and test my query using standard SQL tools.


Now I need to see if the query keeps ok with Pentaho User Console. I
need to reconfigure it to use the connection "user2". But I don´t
know how Pentaho User Console was configured and I can´t find the strings
"DB1" or "user1" anywhere. It seems I searched looked at
all properties files I had using find / grep to search.


Can anyone give me a hint about where are these configurations ?


Thanks !