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Problems running Pentaho 8.1 CE  Version

Question asked by Sebastian Wierzbicki on Sep 4, 2018
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Since there is no dedicated CE manual installation guide i am trying to follow the steps of Prepare Your Linux Environment for a Manual Installation - Pentaho Documentation


I am using Debian 8. Installed Java 8 Oracle JDK, configured it properly and set JAVA_HOME variable. I also installed Tomcat8 webserver through apt-get and i could connect to it. I decided to use PostgreSQL 9.6, it was working aswell also i checked the connection for "hibuser" with pgAdmin3. I downloaded pentaho with this link:


unpacked it in ~/pentaho/server/pentaho-server

also i created a link to tomcat /var/lib/tomcat8 folder inside the pentaho-sever directory.


i also downloaded the JDBC driver for tomcat and moved it into tomcat/lib folder and edited context.xml inside the pentaho.war in webapps, i cleared work and temp folders, started tomcat and its not working.

I mean the service status for tomcat shows that its running without problem, but now i cant connect to

localhost:8080 and /pentaho. The site is in constant loading but it never actually loads.


If anyone have some tips or a solution to a problem please post it here.

Thanks in advance,