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Configuring pentaho server repository during import

Question asked by Anthony Frazier on Sep 4, 2018



I am using the pdi client to import jobs and transformations into a pentaho database repository to be run and managed through the Pentaho User Console (PUC). The issue I am having is that jobs and transformations are configured locally (in pdi client aka spoon) with the use of a file using the ${variable_name} convention.


When I upload the jobs/transformations into the repository it creates the data sources which can be viewed in the "Manage Data Sources" feature of the PUC. But the data sources show the ${variable_name} syntax in the website display for a give data source and obviously fail when testing the connection through the PUC. I have been looking at how to import a file that the back end services that support the PUC can use for the data sources as well as other job/transformation configuration information but cannot find any solution. I am seeing if anyone has any suggestions in how I can both upload jobs/transformations as well as a configuration/properties file into pentaho database repostitory. Thanks, any help is appreciated.