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Write all annotations to an HCP object

Question asked by Henry Golas Employee on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by Yury Kats

Hello All,


I'm working on a use case to take data from a local source (SMB share/NFS export) and migrate the data to an HCP namespace. The specific ask is that I need to tag the object with ALL the file extracted object metadata (ie output of Text and Metadata Extraction stage).


I've created a pipeline that will move data and I can create/add custom metadata tags using the XML Formatting stage, but I need to manually specify which fields to add.



What I'm looking for is the equivalent to write ALL detected tags to the HCP object.


I've tried using the Write Annotation stage and setting Write Annotations = Yes but every time I do, it doesn't write out any tags. If I select write annotation = No and select the stream from XML formatting stage I'm able to write out tags.


Problem is that I need to manually specify which tags to write out, and depending on which what kind of input file it is, the metadata tags change.



Any suggestions here?