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How do I restore a blog post link?

Question asked by Ben Clifford Employee on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Roguen Keller

Hi, I had a blog post here:


I needed to update the post, I made some changes and saved the draft. I was very surprised to learn a day or two later that the post was no longer available. When I reverted the changes which I was not ready to publish, I saved the post. I only recently realized that the post is now at a new URL: and the original URL is broken.


The original link is referenced in marketing materials and other external publications. Is there any way to restore the post to its original URL?


I am disappointed in the way Jive handles blog updates. There should be a warning when updating a blog and using the "save draft" feature that by saving your draft you will be removing your blog post and breaking the link permanently. Even better, Jive should just save the draft without removing the post, and when you publish the draft update the content at the existing link.