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Expansion on 9960 and 9570

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 6, 2006
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Originally posted by: nTravurt

I am looking for guidance to help plan a Windows cluster. Right now I am running Symantec Volume Manager on my Windows cluster because I was told this is the only way to be able to add space to an existing volume in Windows. IMO, the software is expensive and buggy at best. I am not a SAN admin so I thought I would ask here. I am currently running a 9960 and a 9570, Microsoft Clustering, and Volume Manager (Storage Foundation). What options are available for expanding volumes on the HDS side, and what are the terms, etc. I need to know to tell the SAN admin? Seems to me the HDS should be able to do this on the hardware side, then I should be able to expand in Windows as soon as the space shows up.

Sorry for the newbie nature of the question, I just need someone to tell me what my options are. I searched the forum first and found a similar question from eDk, but it didnt completely answer mine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks-