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[HCI] How to index only objects that have custom metadata

Question asked by Marek Kaszycki on Sep 28, 2018
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I want HCI to index objects that have custom metadata, and only those that have custom metadata. Is there a way to do it?


Obvious answer: A stage in the pipeline that tests whether the object has property "HCP_customMetadata" set to true. That much is easy and I know how to do it.

But there's a catch. If the object is missing custom metadata, it's just waiting for custom metadata to be uploaded and I want it to be processed again in a day or so.

Is there a way to flag the object for reindexing, or is the only way setting "Check for Updates" in task settings to Yes, and "Time between checks" to a low enough value? Is there a way to mark an object for recheck, or mark it as unindexed (and to be indexed at a later date)?


I want the "check for updates" to be eventually turned off for all objects that have been successfully indexed, but to also make sure that the objects that did not have metadata will be rechecked (in, say, a week) and only once they were indexed, to not recheck them?


Thanks in advance.