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Adding Spare Drives - simply add more spare drives?

Question asked by Christopher Hipskind on Oct 1, 2018

HUS 130 / 0986/A-S


In Storage Navigator Modular 2/Settings/Drive Settings.

Of the 4 dives presented, two are Detached and two are Standby.  The two detached drives are SAS (900GB) and the two Standby are SAS7K (3TB).

Two of 13 Trays (trays # 00 & 03) have one Detached drive each.  The drives are DKS5D-J900SS.




In Add Spare drive I am presented with 24 Assignable Drives (seems like a lot of drives I can use) all located on Tray 12.  Can I simply add any number of the 24 drives to the "Spare Drives to be assigned" list?  I would start by adding 2 or four.


Will the the newly added spare drives "cover" any Detached (failed) drives in the cluster of Trays (as long as the size is compatible)?


Thanks in advance


Chris H.