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VSP G400 Unified nas service issue

Question asked by Hyun-Dong Cho on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Al Hagopian

1. Product:
VSP G400 with NAS Unified Module.

2. Description:

When tried Read/Write accessing the NAS filesystem on Four Servers connected with EVS2 on the NAS Module 2(Cluster-2), the access was NAS filesystem ping fail and delayed with HANG yesterday and today.


I could not discover specific event logs or abnormal Hardware Status after checking the Unified NAS.

And I heard that the Network and Servers with issues are also normal connected with the Unified NAS from the customer. but I do not know if it is really normal.


There are the Filesystems with issue below. They are running on the EVS2 all

krcaavoc11_apache_tomcat_logs (NFS)

logsaver1 (CIFS)

krcalkcb11_sftpplus_data (NFS)

krcalkcb12_nice_ftphome (NFS)

krcalkcb12_sftpclient_data (NFS)

krcalkcb12_sftpplus_data (NFS)


I ask for other cause to cause the delay.