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Pentaho Content Accessing issue based on the session cookie

Question asked by sumit b bansal on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Ravikumar Kamma

Hi ,


I am using cookies based authentication option for login and to obtain an authentication cookie ,sending a post request from the back end service to /pentaho/j_spring_security_check along with  j_username and j_password parameter and return the jsessionid generated from that authentication (jsessionid is set as a cookie value ) that is used for subsequent requests.Then,when the 3rd party app open the pentaho content like accessing the cde dashboard then login prompt appearing again and asking to enter the login credential again.


if i am having jsessionid which is set as cookie value or if i am adding jsessionid again in the requesting url then why the prompt appearing again.Is there any way to access the pentaho content based on the login through JSESSIONID without login prompt.How i can avoid this.Could you please anyone guide me how i can resolved my issue.Also,I have mentioned below the url which i am using:


url: http://localhost:8080/pentaho/api/repos/%3Apublic%3ASteel%20Wheels%3ADashboards%3ACTools_dashboard.wcdf/generatedContent?ts=1538980323190;jsessionid="2A117C8CCA4A3D4AF391FA29300792C1"


We can pass userid and password along with the url after enable the requestParameterAuthenticationEnabled=true in the but this is not a good idea.I want authentication through jsessionid?