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Anyone using XRC with 9980/9970?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 14, 2006

Originally posted by: oucheeeeee

Hi folks,

I'm working in a large mainframe environment with XRC for DR.  Our 120TB are split between IBM 2105 800's and HDS 9980/9970's.

Trying to unravel some XRC performance problems, I have been told by IBM that the 2105's report XRC device blocking in IOSQ time whilst HDS boxes report XRC device blocking as DISC time.

Being a Dinosaur, I don't believe anything I'm told until I can read it in a manual. Whilst IBM manuals are dotted around all over the web, I can't seem to find anything on the HDS. Obviously, I'm not looking hard enough. Could anyone point me to where I could find such material?

Anyone using XRC with HDS boxes?  I'm also trying to prove that IBM is adding 1 second per delay whereas HDS is only adding .10 sec for delay.

Any help advice would be welcome.