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Why does ldevs view lie?

Question asked by Kevin McMahon on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by Craig Chan

When I query /views/ldevs view, the results are not accurate.  When I query for unassigned LDEVs as described in the HCM REST API Guide, it returns ldevs that have already been consumed.  IN the example below ldevID:1 is actually already defined and in use.


url = "views/ldevs?$query=ldev.isDefined eq false&$count=1&$query=ldev.ldevId gt 0&$query=(ldev.storageDeviceId eq '" + str(self._serial) + "')"


{'ldevId': 1, 'emulationType': 'NOT DEFINED', 'storageDeviceId': '8000000XXXXX', 'isDefined': False}