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Hitachi Tagmastore battery discharge

Question asked by B999S8ML on Oct 20, 2018


We have a Hitachi TagmaStore DF700M (AMS500) modular storage system. Last day we decided to transfer it to other datacenter. The system was powered off for about 10 hours. When we powered it again, but the main controller won't boot. Last message in the log:


C0 HE503 Backend down[Unit# ERR] (Unit-03)


We think that the problem may be caused by an old internal battery. It may be discharged. The official manual for Hitachi TagmaStore Adaptable Modular Storage says: "…the battery may over-discharge and unrecoverable damage may result". But what kind of damage we can face? And how we can fix the problem without loosing all our data?

By the way, can somebody explain why it was so in principle to place the main configuration in a volatile memory? Or, may be, I misunderstanding something.


Sorry for my English and thank you for your answers.