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Querying HCI Index via JDBC

Question asked by Clifford Grimm Employee on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by Richard Humpherson

I would like to query the HCI index using JDBC from an external application.   The index is setup to include docValues of the relevant fields.  I have read through the general documentation on Solr JDBC and have installed the Solr jdbc connector on the client system.


What I can't seem to figure out is the appropriate JDBC connection string that should be used to connect to the HCI system. That is something of the form of:




The things that I suppose needs to be part of the SOLR_ZK_CONNECTION_STRING are things that include the host name, port, user credentials, etc. 


Can someone please provide me with an example of a connection string that will work against an HCI system?