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HNAS Virtual Volume/Share migration from one file system to another file system on the same EVS

Question asked by AMIT c PRASAD on Oct 21, 2018

Hi All,


I want to migrate HNAS Virtual Volume/Share from one file system to another file system on the same EVS.

Basically i have a file system which is large in size and it has occupied all the space from the storage pool and the file system usage is nearing 98%.


So i want to assign some new LUNs from backend storage and create a new storage pool, then create a new file system out of new storage pool on the same EVS on which my large file system is residing.

Then i want to migrate a Virtual Volume/Share from the large file system to the new file system.

Mainly i dont want users to be affected and also no path changes will happen for user. I mean i want to do a online migration.


Please suggest is this possible or not. If yes then how?


Example :

Current file system is SP1>FS1@EVS1>VV1>CIFS_SHARE1

Want to do SP2>FS2@EVS1>VV1>CIFS_SHARE1

In the above, SP is Storage Pool, FS is File System, VV is Virtual Volume.


By doing the above i want to reduce the usage of FS1.