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Firmware Upgrade USP1100 and TrueCopy

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 17, 2006
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Originally posted by: Stephane Moser

Hello everybody

I'm new in this forum and I hope I'll be able to give some answer too.

I have a question about a firmware upgrade on USP1100.

We use TrueCopy between USP1100 (P-Vols) --> 9980V (S-Vols)

This afternoon, we will put a new firmware 50-07-xx-xx (actually we have 50-05-30-00/00).

My question is, should we take the TrueCopy-PAIRs in "Suspend" status before we will do the firmware upgrade or we can leave the TrueCopy-PAIRs in PAIR status for the upgrade.

In advance thanks.

Stephane Moser