Jim Walker

Looking for Opinions on going from HCP-Storage System to HCP-S30 Nodes

Discussion created by Jim Walker on Oct 30, 2018

Our current HCP G10 system uses a G1000 Storage Array (Fiber Connection) for its data storage.  Our Parity Group configuration is RAID6 (6+2) using SAS 10K drives.  Due to available space constraints, we are thinking about purchasing S30 Nodes to be used in place of our SAN storage.  S-Nodes use 10 Gb Ethernet instead of fiber and Erasure Coding instead of RAID so transfer speeds are likely different.


We would like to hear from other users who are currently using S30 storage devices for HCP and especially any users who have made the switch from fiber channel SAN storage to S-Node storage like we are considering.


We are interested in performance, maintenance, administration, and anything else worth mentioning.