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Compliance report after bulk import to HCI

Question asked by Lukasz Sadalski Employee on Oct 28, 2018
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How would you approach creating a report for user after bulk import (or any one-time job)?


Let's say customer imports 15000 documents that are on NFS. A HCI workflow processes some data&metadata and ingests them to HCP. After everything is imported, customer would like to know if everything is correct and have a kind of report, one for whole batch.


First of all HCI should read the document from HCP and compare with the original content. That could be done with some hash. Let's say this check is done right after the document is ingested.

The information about positive check should be saved somewhere.


After second document is processed and checked the information about positive ingest should be added. And the same for other documents. So finally we should have somewhere a report for whole batch job.


What is the best way to achieve it?