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Question about Truecopy Async

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 18, 2006
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Originally posted by: Martyn

We have a couple of USP1000's that we replicate between and a number of CTG groups configured.
If we take for example that we have

tc-APPL1     configured with 250 dev pairs
tc-APPL2     configured with 40 dev pairs
tc-APPL3     configured with 20 dev pairs

We want to replicate each of these every 4 hours to our remote site by performing a pairresync -g tc1-APPL1 etc

These will be at staggered times so as not to clash too much but inevitably they will clash at some point. What we have noticed is that when one group is already replicating, the others just site there in COPY mode until the other finishes. In the case of the tc1-APPL1 group with 250 pairs, that even seems to wait on itself copying a small number of pairs before the rest start / continue.

Is there a limit of how many vols can be actually copying at any one time and if so what is the limit ?