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CHA port microcode question

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 20, 2006
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Originally posted by: mackem


Ive just noticed a couple something a little strange.  One of our XP1024 storage ports is logging in to the fabirc and identifying itself in the name server differently to the other ports as follows -
Port 1A ----> [28]"HP OPEN-XP1024 2101"
Port 1B ----> [28]"HP DISK-SUBSYSTEM 2113"
Port 1C ----> [28]"HP DISK-SUBSYSTEM 2113"
Port 1D ----> [28]"HP DISK-SUBSYSTEM 2113"

The strange thing to me is that port 1A has logged in as different to the other three ports.  The ports are all on the same 4 port (8 port pair) FC PCB.  All 4 ports in cluster 2 log in as the same. 

Does this mean that port 1A is running a different version of microcode to the other ports????

Also can anyone tell me what the 2101 and 2113 numbers mean?  I do remember seeing this in some IBM documentation somewhere but cant remember.