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2 x VSP G600 with GAD - corrupt recycle bin in (phyiscal) Windows Server 2016

Question asked by Carsten Cimander on Nov 8, 2018

We run a (physical) Windows Server 2016 2-node Cluster which uses GAD-protected/-provided LUNs from our two GAD-paired VSP G600 Storagesystem.


GAD-Provisioning was fine, the Hitachi LUNs were "activated", GPT-partitioned in Win2016, Quick-formated in Win2016 and mounted as Volumes. So far so good. After about two weeks of operation (we were migrating data on the Win2016 Server), we saw, that the recycle bin got currupted.

As we had the chance to, we formatted the Volumes in Win2016 and started with the migration again.

Now we see the same Error again (see screenshot).


I would be very happy, if anybody could give me a hint how to resolve the problem.


Best regarads,,