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Programmatically Updating Reports to use a new version of Data Model

Question asked by John Craig on Nov 8, 2018

Hi Folks,


So, our product allows our customers to take our stock reports, modify them in some ways, and then save them off for future use. The difficulty is that as we update our data models, there are times when the source table or column for a particular piece of information changes. At the moment, we're holding off on a major restructuring of one of the cube's underlying structure because of the difficulty of upgrading existing customer-saved reports to use the new underlying structure.


I've been working on a program to deal with metadata/interactive-style reports (BTW, the .prpti & .prpt files are just zip files with another extension, so unzipping them to get at the XML files that comprise the report definition is not difficult). However, although I have many aspects of the updating working correctly, I keep running into additional complications.


So, if anyone has any advice or suggestions for handling this problem, I'd be pleased to hear about it.