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HCI cross Datacenter implementation for DR.

Question asked by Hitendra Talluri Employee on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by Alan Bryant

If there is a requirement for HCI to be available at all times across multiple locations,can we implement HCI master instances in multiple Datacenters and and implement local worker nodes to server the in DC requirements. Technically i dont see a reason why we cant,however i think below are the factors that we need to consider


1. Latency for internal communications

2.Latency for Index and data transfer between the nodes in different locations

3.Need to careful while planning the connectors in such as setup

4.Index need to be maintained on multiple nodes in each DC to make it available


As long as we have a good LINK between these two sites and if we can use a dedicated network link "backup network" to make HCI traffic not to interfere with Production data this seems to be doable .


Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated.