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Rest API does not return any data.

Question asked by Hyun Chul EOM on Nov 19, 2018

I installed SVP and Command Suite (HCS).

And I will get data from the REST API, but it does not return any data.


The REST API version information get correctly, but cannot gt information associated with the storage system, such as the storage device ID.


What am I doing wrong?


In HCS, SVP is successfully connected.


curl -v -u snmp_user:snmp_user -X GET https://<HCS_IP>:23451/ConfigurationManager/v1/objects/storages



Do I have to run the CCI Manager?


I can set up the environment like the attached file and


<HORCM-installation-directory> \ etc \ horcmstart.exe 0


I tried to execute the above command but it seems to not run normally.


In order to establish a connection between CCI and SVP, what configuration do I need?


I have tried various tests but it is not easy to set up.


Thank you.