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CDE and Date Input Component to use a parameter for SQL

Question asked by Pierre MENGA on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2018 by Luciano Donazzolo

Hi everyone,

I want to use a "Date input Component " to use as a parameter input to a DataSource query, but I can't transform the date format to the one I should use for this DataSource.

let's say:

My datasource "sqlDate" is a query like:

select * from table

where date=${vDate}

the input parameter (vDate) should be a formatted string like "YYYYMMDD" eg: 20181122

In the component part, I created:

  • a Date parameter "vDate"
  • a Date input Component "cDate" with "vDate" as Parameter

Which property (and/or advanced) property should I add to format "vDate" output value to YYYYMMDD string that will be passed to DataSource "sqlDate" ?


Thanks in advance,

Best regards