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XML to XML mapping in Kettle

Question asked by Farhan Ansari on Nov 30, 2018

We have a requirement where we have to read an XML  and write it in a Custom defined format. A sample of the output XML is available. For reading the XML , we are easily able to use the “Get Data From XML” component in the PDI and it is able to read data . I want to map the source XML columns directly to the target XML, without writing any custom code. Is there a way in PDI we can map the source to direct XMLs directly


Examples are


Source xml is







Expected Output format











So looking at the above I wanted to directly do a mapping between <name> in source to <person> under <defineproperties>

Similiarly <age> in  source maps to <grt> under <custom> in target

And likewise <year> maps to </year> in <dob> in target


Is there a UI mapping which I can do between 2 XMLs . I do not want use a Stylesheet component , and I do not want use a custom scripting here. Is there a way PDI is able to give a UI mapping between two XMLs in a UI without writing a code or a custom logic.



I am using Pentaho Data Integration Version 7.1 Community Edition