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HDLM recommended settings for use with MSCS, Exchange

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 4, 2006
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Originally posted by: HoosierDaddy

Hello all,

I'm looking to follow "best practices" for HDLM multipathing software on Windows Server 2003. We're running an Exchange 2003 MSCS cluster, the servers are all multipathed (dual fabric) to a 9970V. Using HDLM for multipathing...it's currently configured with the following parameters:

HDLM Version = 05-71
Load Balancing = ON, Round robin
Path Health Checking = ON, 30 minute interval
Auto Failback = ON, 1 minute interval
Intermittent Error Monitor = OFF
Reservation Level items are grayed out
Remove LU = OFF

I'm mostly concerned about the Load balancing setting (Off vs. On). I'm not sure whether it's advisable to run an Exchange cluster with this option enabled. We did install HDLM after MSCS so the HDLM software is cluster-aware. If anyone has the "official" HDS recommendation or some practical advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.