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HiCommand FSRM Scan -> Widelinks, DFS Root

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 4, 2006

Originally posted by: Phil

Hello everybody,

does anybody use HiCommand FSRM Scan for receiving Storage Usage Information? If so, do you use Widelinks to link Q-Trees in your root UNC-Paths? We have the problem, that the FSRM Scan does not follow the widelinks (which is correct, because of recursive Scanning). Is there any workaround, to get the FSRM process to scan all subdirectories of a UNC-Path, even if they are widelinks? We tried to build a DFS-Root according to the UNC-Path, but this DFS is not scanned correctly. All widlinked q-trees are left out.

HSSM Version is 5.1, AppiqCime Extensions on Windows Machine

Thanks a lot,