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Help on installing Pentaho CE 7.1 on linux

Question asked by Manthan Patel on Dec 12, 2018


I want to install pentaho on my linux production env. I tried to find manual installation steps for the version  mentioned and found below link :

Prepare Your Linux Environment for a Manual Installation - Pentaho Documentation


Initially I thought it is the correct one, but when I noticed  that it is referring to Enterprise edition files I doubt whether I am following the right document.  There are files like '' and few others to be downloaded which all has the 'ee' in the name, which means entire document applies to enterprise edition manual installation.  Then where can I find similar doc for community edition?  I couldn't find it anywhere!  Is there any such document available as it is getting really difficult to install and verify the community version on linux.


Also the same applies to installation guide for client tools like PDI, BA design tools.  Documentation is available but for EE and not CE!