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HCP Search Export file (XML/CSV) for use with Data Migrator

Question asked by Jim Ash Employee on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by Eduardo Javier Huerta Yero

Can the XML/CSV file that is generated from HCP Search results list be used to generate a HCP Data Migrator batch copy job? What a customer is hoping to do is:

  1. Use HCP Search to find certain files stored on HCP
  2. Use the "Export Results" option to generate a list of the files included in the search results
  3. Use the XML/CSV files to load a job in Data Migrator that would copy the files from the namespace in to a NAS directory.

Or is there a better way to accomplish the steps above using some other method, without writing scripts/code? We are trying to keep things very simple and GUI driven for a phase 1 of a POC.

Vimal Kaneria Paul Bustos