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How to install a complete 8.2 suite?

Question asked by Mirko Mozzilli on Dec 16, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Ana Gonzalez


I'm managing to install a complete 8.2 BI Suite CE on a SQL Server DBMS, but I don't know what I have exactly to download.
I need to build a DW where store historical and analytical data. Then I'm going to download PDI from here --->
Then I have to build up some cube, then I need of Mondrian I think, but I can't find it on sourceforge. Could be that it's integrated in Pentaho Server CE? If I'm right I need of this:
At the end I need to build up some reports and I think that the piece needed is PRD


I'm correct or I'm forgetting something? Do you think that I have all I need to present some reports based on extraction of some data organized in some cube?


Thank you very much