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Pentaho repository for CE 7.1

Question asked by Manthan Patel on Dec 17, 2018



I am using Pentaho CE 7.1.  Now I need to migrate my project from local system to aws and for that I was looking for repository backups and restore.  The main components I want to transfer are the reports and etl transformations/jobs.  I came across below link and it mentions that there are actually 2 backups one for BA (mainly reports/dashboards) and one for DI (mainly ETL packages) with few other components like schedules, connections etc. 

Backup and Restore Pentaho Repositories - Pentaho Documentation


Now the issue is that I read somewhere that there is NO DI server for Pentaho CE .  I have only one pentaho server.  So will the backup of my pentaho repo contain both Reports and *.ktr,*.kjb files?  I am not able to verify that!  I tried backup and restore once and I could see the reports while browsing thru user console.  But when I connect to repository from Spoon, will I be able to see the transformation as well?  If yes first of all I would also like to know how do I save/upload my existing etl files *.ktr/*.kjb to the repository.  When I connect to repository from Spoon and save the transformation it gives below errors:

Unable to save repository element [/public/ETL_Mariadb]

Unable to load transformation with id [210ec779-d71f-4d41-9f95-416b75e2c2b4]

Unable to read shared objects from repository

Unable to load shared objects

exception while getting data for file with id "da5b283a-0782-4ba6-a8fb-3c059ba555c3"

Reference number: 5e6357b8-9c66-4aa9-b1a5-6d4be22f7030


Even trying to create new transformation (after connecting to repository) it gives below errors:

exception while getting data for file with id "da5b283a-0782-4ba6-a8fb-3c059ba555c3"

Reference number: 91a6c273-d62e-48f4-a52c-c7af03827d66


So there are few issues here and doubts on how to exactly use pentaho repository with PDI and Reports.  How do I have both my transformations and reports backed up and restore in a new env.?  Can someone help and clear all my doubts here please?