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PDI Connect to MS SQL Server (Native) Error on SSL

Question asked by Vadim Turcanu on Jan 14, 2019


from some days ago, i will get this error when i try to connect to MS SQL Server (Native)


Unable to establish a secure connection to SQL Server using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. Error: "No response returned by SQL Server." The connection has been closed. "ClientConnectionId: 147f7b85-c8c5-4d05-bec1-9868012576b7".


i have imported all JDBC Drivers into pentaho data integration\lib, arrount 6 month it worked, but from some days it stopped and shows this error, i tryed to change JDBC drivers (Microsoft JDBC Driver 7 and Microsoft JDBC Driver 6), updated JAVA (my java on PC)


Using Pentaho Data-Integration 8.1 (worked until now)

Tested with version 7.1(worked) and 8.2 with same result. SSL Error

i don't know more what to do, what JDBC Driver i need to use to return at working connection, if test with MS Sql Server (JTDS Drivers) it work.

anyone can help me?