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Is there any problem put small data(xKBs) in HCP S series?

Question asked by Sanghoon Lee on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Christie Nguyen

Hi-guys. I'm sanGhoon S-Korea.


I have Questions about configuration HCP S series.


HCP S series protect data Thourh EC(Erasure Coding).


In HCP S series, HCP divide data into 64MB Chunks called extent, and store.


I think the EC is effective in storing large number of large files.(Because of Chunk Size.)


So, Is there any problem saving a large amount of small files in HCP S series?

For example, Billions of KBs of files... (of factory machine log data, Image data, etc..)


I wonder if there is a problem because of the chunk size of the HCP S series.


If you have any knowledge or experience in this matter, I would appreciate it.