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Show group totals but not detail rows in Interactive Report

Question asked by Oliver Doepner on Jan 17, 2019

My company uses Pentaho 6.1.


In an Interactive Report, I would like to display for each group the sum of a certain numeric column, but not display the individual rows that are being summed up.


I tried "Sum" from the "Summary" menu on the column, but that just adds the sum to the bottom of the group and the detail rows are all still there, without any way to collapse or hide them.

2019-01-17 13_05_32-Pentaho User Console - man-hours-test.png

I also looked at the "Aggregation" menu, but there is only a default "None" option there.

2019-01-17 13_06_50-Pentaho User Console - man-hours-test.png

I reviewed the Pentaho 6.1 documentation page Create Advanced Filters in Interactive Reports - Pentaho Documentation where the "Summary" and "Aggregate" function menus are both described, with almost identical wording and identical function lists. It is not clear to me what the difference is between the two and why the "Summary" menu offers me the expected options (Average, Count, Sum, etc) while the "Aggregation" menu is empty.


Please let me know

  • If an "Aggregate" function would do what I want
  • Why the "Aggregate" function menu might be empty


By the way, I cannot change my data source query to do the grouping via GROUP BY, because I also have a date/time column that I have to interactively filter by and if I did the grouping in the query, I would lose that column.