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Number of Paths Guaranteed in HDLM5.8

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 15, 2006

Originally posted by: Peisui

just a quick question here:

on the user manual, 3.1.6 Number of Paths Guaranteed in HDLM:
      Number of LUs=1024
      Number of paths per LU=12
      Total number of paths=3060

Under Windows 2003 PolyServer Cluster environment: 10 cluster servers, they are all seeing the same LUNs(assume 5 LUSE here), each server has dual path to the LUSEs.

Is this "Number of Paths Guaranteed in HDLM" under the global view or individual server itself? For example: if it's under global view, I would violate the guarantee, because number of path per LU exceed 12 (20 path here, 10 servers x dual path); if it's under individual server view, number of path per LU is 2.

any idea?