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How to create Analysis data source with time dimension from Oracle Date column allowing date range filter

Question asked by Oliver Doepner on Jan 23, 2019

Using Pentaho BI Server, I am trying to create an Analysis data source from a mondrian.xml file with a LABOR_DATE TimeDimension based on a single DATE column in Oracle database. The physical column is called ENTERED_ON.


I then create an Analysis Report for that source, where I also need a date range filter on the time dimension.


I tried various things and currently trying the below code, but when I add a filter on the column, the Pentaho Analysis Report UI only offers the typical String conditions (includes, contains, etc):


  <Dimension name="LABOR_DATE" type="TimeDimension">

    <Hierarchy hasAll="true">

    <Table name="IMP_MAN_HOURS$VIEW"/>

      <Level name="LABOR_DATE" uniqueMembers="false" column="LABOR_DATE" levelType="TimeDays" type="String">


            <SQL dialect="oracle">to_char(ENTERED_ON,'yyyy-mm-dd')</SQL>



          <Annotation name="AnalyzerDateFormat">&#x5b;yyyy-MM-dd&#x5d;</Annotation>






Please tell me how to do this properly. I do not want to split the DATE column into year, month, day components. The user wants to deal with just a single "between" filter on one column representing basically calendar dates.