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Replication encryption - perhaps off topic

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 29, 2006
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Originally posted by: stephen2615


This could be a bit off topic for this forum but I am interested in what other people are doing.  It seems that the US government has mandated that all financial institutions and government departments need to do encryption for SAN extension.  This is obviously quite achievable for FCIP but when it comes to native Fibre Channel over DWDM, there seems to be little discussion available on the web.  I have found about three companies that can do it but the encryption seems low level.

Has anyone had some experience in this?

I also wonder could HDS hardware perform the encryption if something like true copy or universal replicator was being used?  If someone had dark fibre but needed to do some encryption for the storage traffic, perhaps some of the blades could be used in the Tagmastore.  I for one would not waste my money on a NAS blade so the vacant blade(s) could have a number of 4 GB ports and then beef up the blade processing to give it enough power for encryption.  Perhaps the customer could provide their own encrytion algorithms??

Just a thought.