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Write multiple tables to separate Excel sheets

Question asked by Phil DeGuzman on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Ana Gonzalez

I have several tables in a Postgres database (Order Data, Duty Rates, VAT Rates, Organization Lookup, etc.). I want to export each of these to an Excel file which I will use later for analysis. I have been trying all day to do this in one transform, but there have been all kinds of Java errors. Do I need to have a separate transform for each table? and can I write multiple sheets to one excel file? I know the Excel Writer configuration and help files "look" like this can be done, but I am losing confidence in this Pentaho platform.


My colleagues are recommending I use Tableau Prep instead. They finished in less than an hour what has taken me a week and still cannot do with Pentaho.


The workflow goes:

- extract data from EDW

- combine EDW data with lookup tables from a few different databases

- export those data to Excel file for Pivots, charts etc.


Pretty simple stuff but very messy in Pentaho